GKV – Show Us Your Ad Space!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their agency work spaces for our #AdSpace campaign this summer. In the coming weeks we will profile some of our members and the inspiration behind the spaces where they work, live and play.



The Offices @ McHenry Row, 1500 Whetstone Way, Baltimore

Answers provided by Roger Gray, Chairman & CEO


  1. How long have you been in your current space?

We have been in the current space for 4 years.  We were the anchor office building tenant for the McHenry Row mixed use development.


  1. What inspired the design of your current workspace?

Our Challenger Brand agency positioning inspired the design of our space.  For example, each of our conference rooms are titled after challenger brand behaviors.  That includes “Disruption, Chaos, Sling Shot, Blood, Zag and Little Fish.” As a Challenger Brand, you must create a “Disruption” in the crowded marketplace; you must make your voice heard among the “Chaos.” We live and breathe our Challenger Brand philosophy not only in our work, but in many different aspects of the agency culture.


  1. What’s your favorite feature (room, wall, piece of furniture or décor)?

The “Blood” meeting room is my favorite part of our space.  It is immediately off of our lobby.  A mural of our GKV logo is painted on the back wall and is highly visible to visitors coming into our space.  This room is designed to be the space where our teams hash out strategies for our clients. It was named “Blood”  because this is where the internal battles are waged to find the right solutions for our clients.


  1. Plans to move or redecorate anytime soon?

We have several years left on our lease and the space we occupy on the third and fourth floor of the building is ample to handle our current staff and future expansion…not to mention the location is great with easy access to 95, all the great lunch options and convenient services we have available in Locust Point.  So, we have no plans to move at this point.  As for redecorating, that is an ever evolving process to keep the space “in the moment.” Our amazing creatives are always looking for new ways to inspire creativity within the space, whether it’s adding a new piece of art to our “inspiration wall” or creating a makeshift photo booth fully equipped with props for those times when you just need to capture the moment.


  1. Are you hiring?

We are currently engaged in our strategic planning process that will include the addition of new staff.  Details of this have not been finalized yet, but we are looking to grow our talented group going into 2016 so stay tuned!



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