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10 Content Marketing Hacks, Tips, and Tricks (WEBINAR)

October 10, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

If you’re in charge of any kind of content development program then you’ll want to tune in for this webinar led by content marketing hackexpert Jon Barnes from ADG. In between meme references and really bad puns you’ll potentially hear 10 advanced ninja pro-tips about content development and how to apply them to your content program- whether you oversee it for clients or for your own brand. Move beyond the basics and learn to employ some workflow, writing, and design hacks in order to create more content better and faster than ever before. By bringing together experiences in commercial, government, legal, and non-profit, Jon will share 10 tips for improving your own content development skills as well as enhancing results for your entire organization.


You’ll learn:

  • Workflow hacks for sourcing blog content out of busy executives
  • Why Linkedin Publisher is the greatest thing since Spell Check
  • How non-designers can create social graphics that are SEO friendly and don’t make your eyes bleed
  • How to repurpose content like a boss. And repurpose that. And then repurpose that
  • Why culture-based content is the holy grail for B2B brands
  • How to sell a content program up the food chain
  • Why Clippy the paperclip character from MS Office ‘96 is coming back*
  • And tons more!

Perfect for:

  • Content marketers of all backgrounds and skill levels
  • Marketing pros who oversee many things, not just content
  • Leaders who were “voluntold’ to own content development for their organizations
  • Any communications pro who is burned out with the ongoing content development burden
  • Interns that need to look busy for an hour

There is a 93% chance you will learn something useful or at least have a great time. Register today… and register your boss too! You have to an AAFB member to attend our webinars but becoming a member is easy! Just email to learn how.

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