Assistant Account Manager

Company Name: Kapowza

Job Description:

Dearest job page reviewer,

Hi. Glad you stopped by, because we could really use your help. We’re looking for an assistant account manager to help with a whole bunch of stuff. It’s entry level, so relevant experience really isn’t too important (although it’s certainly a plus). It’s a great opportunity to learn, and grow as we’re doing the same.

Who we’re more so looking for is someone who is fun to be around, wants to learn, is interested in the kind of work we make, and will drink the reckless amounts of V8 juice that we mistakenly purchased. You’ve got to be a detail person that can find the missing period in a long page of text You also have to be flexible enough to know that deadlines change, and sometimes our clients ask for a lot and we do our best to knock it out of the park for them.

You’ll learn a ton here and we would be honored to officially welcome you into the wild world of advertising.

Kinds of Stuff You’ll be Doing

Project Management/Admin Stuff

  • Backing up Sean and Dan when they’re out
  • Helping with project management
  • Scheduling, office ordering, taking notes during meetings and keeping track of Next Steps
  • Help with project traffic coordination
  • Reviewing and proofing of finished work
  • Communicating with and sending work to client
  • Helping with billing and keeping track of hours
  • Helping produce commercials
  • Print coordinating

Marketing Stuff

  • Completing relevant Hubspot certifications
  • Creating and adhering to blog publishing schedule
  • Writing of blogs and managing blog projects
  • Creating and adhering to social media publishing schedule
  • Writing and leading marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Awards management and submission

How to Apply
Okay, does this all sound like a good time? Here’s how to get in touch:

Send over a resume to