AAFB Announces College Scholarship Winners

The American Advertising Federation of Baltimore is excited to announce its 2014-2015 scholarship recipients. Each year the AAFB awards unrestricted scholarships in the amounts of $3,000; $1,500; and $1,000 to select students pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in advertising, communications, journalism, radio/TV, commercial art, photography, marketing, public relations or related advertising fields. Candidates are evaluated on their academic achievements, volunteer contributions to community and representative samples of work in advertising related disciplines.


Amelia Berninger

Amelia Berninger is a sophomore at Stevenson University, where she majors in visual communication design. Having had an interest in art and design from a young age, she is eager to see where her design skills take her in her search for a career. In 2013 she designed the cover art for the single “Suburban Superhero,” by Towson band Stacked Like Pancakes. Her illustrations are also featured in the animated lyric video for the song.


Monique Welsh

Monique Welch is a student at Goucher College in Baltimore where she is studying communications media studies and music.  She has worked in the advertising, broadcasting and production fields—both at school, and professionally with WEAA 88.9 FM radio station, broadcast on the campus of Morgan State University.


Jordan Klumpp

Jordan Klumpp is a student at Towson University. He is pursuing a dual-track in communications that focuses on both advertising and strategic public relations. Jordan has well-rounded experience working and interning for government communications, in-house corporate marketing, communications agencies and non-profit organizations. He is currently the public relations coordinator for a local non-profit called the Karina Association.



This year’s honorees will be officially recognized at the 2015 ADDY Awards held on March 12, 2015 at the Sheraton North Baltimore. To learn more about the AAFB Scholarship program, visit:https://baltimoreadvertising.com/resources/scholarship-program/.


Getting to Know the Next Generation of Advertisers

Recently the AAFB spoke with our three 2014-2015 scholarship recipients to discuss why they became interested in advertising, how the scholarship money will help achieve their professional goals, brands they admire, and more.


Why are you interested in working in advertising and design?

  • AB: Design has always been second nature to me, as from a young age I was constantly brainstorming ways to make my world more unique and interesting. I feel that a strong message can be lost without powerful visual elements to back it up, so now I want to turn my lifelong inclination into a career, and impact society via my own innovative designs.
  • MW:I want a career in advertising because there are a variety of career options that derive from the advertising field, such as in radio or television production. Also, in advertising, there is a more fast-pace atmosphere and work is done closely with other team members, which is suitable for me because I work well in groups.  Finally, a career in advertising is exciting and a creative way to express oneself through persuasion.
  • JK: There’s just something about the hectic and fast-paced nature of working in advertising that’s super attractive to me. It’s exciting, like every day will be its own unique adventure.


What are some companies or brands whose marketing and communications efforts you particularly admire?

  • AB: I think that Chipotle’s Food With Integrity campaign is pretty great in terms of effectiveness. What better way to attract and establish trust with restaurant patrons than share with them exactly where their food is coming from?
  • MW: Some companies or brands whose marketing and communications efforts I admire include Apple, Nike, Samsung, Verizon, Starbucks and McDonalds.
  • JK: To be honest, I think Denny’s Diner has a stellar social media presence. Their Tumblr andTwitter pages are funny, engaging, and relevant. I admire the fact that Denny’s isn’t afraid to step outside of the box and create a personality for their brand on social media.


Where do you see yourself in five years and how will this scholarship help achieve your goals?

  • AB: I see myself making decent progress in climbing the ranks of the design world. Music is an interest, which I would like to focus on, and within five years I would like to have experience in creating logos, album art, and other promotional items for recording artists.
  • MW: I see myself working at a popular radio or television station either as a radio or television personality, host or engineer, or working behind the scenes at a news station, possibly as a reporter. This scholarship will help me gain the recognition that I need to establish myself in my desired career path, and will help reduce some of my college debt so that I can start my life after college independent of my parents.
  • JK: I would like to be working in an agency setting, and my ultimate goal is to start my own agency.  This scholarship would help me get on track for that goal. The more of my academic expenses I can pay off now, the more I will be able to save in my agency start-up fund.



What do you like best about working and/or going to school in the Baltimore area? Have you found it conducive to meeting others and getting into the business?

  • AB: Going to school in the Baltimore area has been a great experience because it’s exposed me to a way of life so different than what I was used to growing up. I come from a very small town where my closest neighbors are corn and cows, but being in a more metropolitan area opens up so many new opportunities. I have a lot of great resources here, such as the artist-in-residence workshops and presentations at Stevenson University, which I’ve learned a lot from.
  • MW: Going to school in the Baltimore area is great and has definitely helped me establish connections with people in the business because several of my professors have connections with professionals in the field, and some of them even work additionally in the field.  So this is useful to get acquainted with people in the field that can definitely help me get started in my career and can direct me in the right path to obtain my goals.
  • JK: The best part about living in the Baltimore area would have to be the crab cakes. I guess the booming advertising scene and wealth of organizations and professionals in the field eager to help young up-and-comers break into advertising would be a close second. But, yeah. Crab cakes.