Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging

AAFB’s Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging Committee is on a mission to give everyone in our industry a safe, inspiring and valuable space to learn, create and evolve. And it starts by bringing more voices into the conversation.

During Black History Month, we’re showcasing some of our AAFB members and inviting them to share their experiences around being Black and working in advertising and marketing. Like Kevin Ombija, Founder of Zoo TV, who joined AAFB to help be the change he wanted to see for himself and other minority business owners.

“I looked around and I didn’t see anyone else like me. I joined AAFB because I wanted a way to build business relationships I wasn’t getting on my own. And I want to change that.”

It’s your turn to share your story.

Tell us how your personal background plays a role in your career or education. We want to hear thegood, the bad and the uncomfortable. Because that’s the only way we will learn, grow and become a more inclusive community. 

Let’s have a real dialogue about Black marketers, business owners and students. A conversation that continues through the entire year and uncovers more ways for us all to connect and enlighten. Our industry has some of the most creative, brave and influential people in our communities. Together, let’s elevate the conversation and be the change we want to see. 

SHARE YOUR STORY and email [email protected] with:

  • Your Story: 120-300 Characters
  • Name: Optional
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How can we be more creative?


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