Committees are the backbone of any great organization and AAF Baltimore is no exception to that. We could not possibly do what we do without dedicated committee chairs/committees working hard to bring you the best in programs and events throughout the year. Our committees are made up of volunteers with great ideas and enthusiasm for our industry, and who want the opportunity to share those ideas, increase their level of networking with other members and enjoy the experience of being a part of our organization. 
GET INVOLVED - If you are interested in volunteering to participate on any of our outstanding (and fun!) committees, please click here to let us know!

Duties and Responsibilites for Standing Committee Chairs

  • Committee Chairs are approved by the Board.
  • Committee Chairs appoint enough committee members to manage all aspects of the committee’s objectives.
  • Lead the committee and guide its direction towards realizing goals and objectives.
  • Oversee and manage the work, deadlines and responsibilities of committee members.
  • Manage the budget and employ fiscal responsibility to spending and income decisions.
  • Secure Board approval for all anticipated expenses before entering into any agreements/contracts and finalizing arrangements with vendors.
  • Attend all scheduled Board meetings and report the status of the committee’s accomplishments and action plans.

Take a moment to review our committees – we’re sure you will find one that works for you.

American advertising awards

Handles the creative, management, and execution of the American Advertising Awards program.

Creative and Marketing

Creates assets and materials to promote the AAFB and the initiatives of its committees and partners. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging committee is dedicated to introducing the board and association to more inclusive practices to create a space for more seats at the table and voices reflective of the Baltimore community that the AAFB Board represents and serves.

Education Outreach

Initiates and nurtures relationships with educational institutions in our region — especially those with an AAF student chapter. Provides students with mentorship, connections, and opportunities in the industry as well as access to scholarships and grants.


Oversees legal, legislative, and government affairs that impact the AAFB and our members.


Supports the recruitment and retention of new members.


Manages and executes networking events that help to create and strengthen the bonds of professionals in our area.


Manages the nominating process for board member seats and AAFB awards of recognition.


Manages and executes educational, professional development, and enrichment events that support the career growth of our members and our industry.

Public Relations

Develops and manages all public relations initiatives to bring greater awareness to the AAFB and its mission.